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Sally Huband

I live in Shetland, I moved here seven years ago with my husband and my son who was then a baby. We now have a daughter who was born here but only just. Before I moved to Shetland I worked as a social scientist and researched cultural driving forces and land use. And before that I completed an interdisciplinary PhD which combined ecology with ethnography.

I now write, non-fiction mostly, and volunteer as a bird and grey seal pup surveyor. In 2017, I received a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award and the book that I have begun to write will fall in the nature and travel writing categories, both genres in which the experiences of people who identify as disabled, or who experience disability, are largely absent.

I’m really pleased that Clare Archibald approached me to contribute a piece to Lone Women in Flashes of Wilderness. Writing it has made me consider, in more depth, how I filter what I write, how I bend my words to fit what has come before. It has given me permission, in a sense, to be more frank. 

Julie Laing

Julie Laing is a writer & visual artist based in Glasgow. Her practice includes creative writing, photography & moving image & her work often brings them together. She has an ongoing interest in our lived experience of darkness, time & memory.


She is on Instagram @j_a_laing

Nicola Davison Reed

NDR is a Midlands based B &W photographer with a natural light studio shooting family portraiture & weddings .

NDR's personal work is B &W conceptual & street photography


Twitter @NdavisonR

Instagram @nicoladavisonreed

Helen Garbett

Helen Garbett is a Social Art Practitioner.

Twitter @HelenChanges

Louise Kenward

Louise Kenward is an artist & writer with an interest in the overlaps between the internal & external experience.

Twitter @ Bexhill2Bexhill

Emily S Cooper

Emily S Cooper is a poet from Northern Ireland. She's currently working on a piece on women and solitude during a residency in New Dehli funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland

Twitter @Emily_S_Cooper

Kerri Ni Dochartaigh

Kerri Ni Dochartaigh lives in Northwest Ireland where she writes about nature, literature, and place for publications which include Oh Comely magazine, New Welsh Review and the London Magazine.

Instagram @whooperswan

Twitter @kerri_ni

Corporal Tofulung

Corporal Tofulung is a vocalist, DJ, producer and label head of Dubbed Tapes.


Twitter @GinOnDiamonds

Instagram @contact.mike


Marita Grimwood

Marita has just completed her first novel and an MA in Writing for Children. In 2017 she was selected for both stages of the Writers'Block North East programme. She has a background in literary studies and teaching. An interest in, and exploration of, place is a theme linking her fiction and non fiction.

Marita tweets @Munchin1850

Sophie McKeand

You can find out more about Sophie here

Ursula Troche

Ursula is a Northumbrian Writers Award shortlisted poet whose work can be found here

She is on Twitter@ursulatroche3 and Instagram @trocheursula

Rona Fitzgerald

Rona's recent publications are Poems for Grenfell, MeToo 2018 and Nothing Substantial 2019

Kirsteen Bell

Kirsteen Bell is a poet and writer based in Lochaber. Living on a croft for the past ten years
has had a huge influence on the shape of her work, much of which is focused on the living

You can visit her website here

Find her on Twitter here

Helen Darby

Helen Darby is a new poet from Manchester who has been appearing at spoken words events around the North West since 2018. 

Katy Ewing

 Katy Ewing is an artist, writer and researcher who lives and works in rural South Scotland, and has had poetry, prose and illustration published widely.

You can find her on Twitter here

Melissa Pons

Melissa is a field recordist and award winning sound designer. Her music combines soundscapes with rich textures, recorded objects, synths and voice. In 2016/17 she spent over a month in the Atlantic Forest in SP and MG, Brazil,learning, observing and recording the environment. Living in the forest gave her a new insight and meaning which dictated her life and work afterwards. Since then she has participated as a field recordist and sound artist in a number of collective projects. Nowadays her work focuses on themes related to environment and social justice.

Bandcamp link

Sheila De Courcy

Sheila has a background in television where she was a producer, director and commissioner within the arts.

She can be found here

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