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Lost by Rona Fitzgerald

Blues caress my eyes, gentians,
forget-me-nots and warm blue sky.
Sapphire lochs are snug on sharp plateaus.

I walk and walk in ease.

I wonder if I was a dolphin in a former life.
The sea in all shades from aquamarine to indigo
makes me feel at home.

Blue is health, its light and its love.
Walking on Howth head, water on all sides.
The sea merging with sky to infinity.

The midnight blue sky on a clear evening
wraps me in velvet, surrounds my senses.

When blue doesn't work, it's a sign I'm slipping into black.

A deer shot in mid leap, a minnow swallowed by a shark.
Out of my depth in an unfathomable ocean.
And I can’t remember how to swim.

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