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Other Ways to Get Involved
  • Follow the project on Twitter & Instagram and @ us with any links to research/your work/photographs/writing/art/events representing your interpretations of the themes

  • Start a discussion with your friends/colleagues/word of mouth networks and feed it back

  • Create work that adds to the discussion. Make a film or piece of music that gives voice to your telling of place, choreograph a dance, walk a new route, whatever you think works best for you

  • Collaborate across disciplines to build networks of practice and shared learning and support

  • Consider your own thoughts and experiences, think about what you do, would like to do, no longer do

  • Share your thoughts and experiences in your networks/via the Lone Women accounts to stimulate debate/inspire interest and confidence

  • Start small and ask a friend f they would like to make a small step with you - a night-walk in the city, a sleep-out on the beach, whatever works for you.

  • Arrange a local event 

  • Suggest ideas/direction for the project

  • Offer your skills, time or expertise

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