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We aim to create a record that reflects and incorporates a wide range of womens' thoughts, feelings and experiences of how we are in darkness, alone, in the wilderness. The themes can be considered separately or together.

We want to hear your experiences, your fears, your joys, the things that you do to make being anything that you consider to be a lone woman in flashes of wilderness possible.


What do you think of when you think being in the wilderness, of being free? What is your own personal definition of wilderness, and how and when do you go there?


Do you go running in the park before work, wander through woods, go hill-walking? Do you walk home from the station alone at night, get lost in unknown cites, swim in the sea, cycle through country lanes, walk the dog on a deserted beach, dance at gigs and festivals? 


  • What do/would you think about before and after any of these activities?


  • What would you lie to do but hold back from?


  • What would you like to do but aren't able to?


  • How would you feel to be alone in the dark in the woods, up a hill in daylight?

  • How do you make moving through spaces and places alone work for you? Do you carry an alarm, a weapon or not give it a second thought?


  • What are the flashes of great that you get from being a lone woman in the wilderness, or how would you imagine them to be?


  • Where are your places of wilderness alone? Solely in your imagination? On the internet? When you move through a city?


  • Does technology help or hinder you? Do you feel safer with a mobile phone but worry about no connection?


  • In Scotland in winter we have few daylight hours, how do you, wherever you are, stay connected to outside/to nature?


  • Have you ever judged or been judged as women as women in the dark or daylight alone?


  • How would you map out the flashes of wilderness in your life?


Help us explore the complexities of being a woman in the 21st century and how society, fear and the balance of light and darkness may or may not impact upon our freedom to move through the world with flashes of wilderness, wherever you might be. 

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