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Experimental Trash Reimagining

Whilst partly what I loved about "if trees were lone women what would they sound like" was that it was a site specific, in the moment experience, it has also been really great to bring a tiny fraction of the audio to life differently and in a way that is accessible to more people. It was a real pleasure to speak to Nat Lyon for his Experimental Trash show for Camp Radio. I sent a random selection of files to Nat who then collaged them with snippets of our conversation to create a new, mini wander through the 'lone women wood'. I'm looking into ways to bring the other audio to different audiences in alternative ways but in the meantime you can listen, reimagine and share 24 of the pieces here

I'll be taking a short break from Lone Women activity until next year, if you'd like to be made aware of my personal projects in the meantime you can sign up here

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