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Outgoing Arising by Ursula Troche/The Night by Ursula Troche

In the middle of the night
I arise
When many are sleeping
I am enabled
To walk
It’s not easy
To walk at this awkward time
And it may not be
Welcome either
But it’s happening now
I did not decide
On the specific timing
But this universe did
Even though
People have passed on
Into the next dimension
People have gone to sleep
For this world
People have gone
And I am here
Walking now
Perceiving energy
For my calling
Now I am the survivor
Speaking for the dead
To illuminate
That we have to recognize
All those who died for us
Especially the victims
The invisible ones
The victims of the system
Those that are abused
For the sake of
Unilateral industrialisation
As in the
Transatlantic slave trade
And the enslaved ever since
That’s why I am walking
In the middle of the night
I get up and go
I get up to arise
For the cause
Of consciousness.

Breathless. Speechless

I arrive at the end of the day


Too much has happened

To speak right now

I write instead


And I need the night

To process the issues and things

Even in my dreams

Where I can have a conversation

With my subconscious self


As deep as I can go

Apart from my spirit

But all the same I need the night

For my spirit, too, will then unfold further


All happens whilst I sleep

Even though the day was long too

But in a different way


The night is more diverse, more adaptable

It is night

And also it is part of each day

Whereas a day

Is never part of the night



Why this is so

I continue

Lingering, longing, breathless, arriving

At some point somewhere again.  

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