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if trees were lone women sounded and looked like this

Above is my test site for the 140 voices in 11 languages that played out in words, sound and music in the 'lone women wood' at Sanctuary Lab 2021. Thank you to all those involved in contributing (there will be a separate final contributors post soon), facilitating and supporting.

The "arts, nature, culture clash" that is Caught by the River featured the event in their newsletter for which I'm very grateful.

Keira Brown interviewed me for the Fountain Review and many people shared on social media and by word of mouth - thanks to all.

Over the weekend the 'lone women wood' had many visitors with a fairly broad demographic mix which I was pleased about. Many people returned, more than once in quite a few cases and some people spent significant amounts of time listening deeply. The feel of the 'lone women wood' changed with the light, with the position of each footstep, the weather and the movements of the human and more than human within and adjacent to it. It was a huge privilege to produce this work and it was very moving to see and hear people respond to it in different ways. The following are some phone clips taken by me at various points (a broader range is available on Twitter and Instagram, including those shared by visitors)

Thanks to Bart Photography Glasgow who was the official Sanctuary Lab photographer for the following images

A selection of audio played at Sanctuary Lab will be broadcast on Camp Radio on November 3rd for live listening on the Experimental Trash show and will then be available with field notes on the Experimental Trash website on embedded player for catch up. I'll post links here and on social media when available.

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